History of SBCLP

South Burnett Community Leadership Program (SBCLP)

Community leadership in the South Burnett is strong and effective, and a partnership between Vision 21 and Red Earth Community Foundation (RECF) has strengthened it further by hosting the first South Burnett Community Leadership Program in March 2014.
“We have fantastic community leaders in the South Burnett, which is one of the reasons our region has been able to manage through difficult periods over the past 10 years,” chair of the Foundation Georgie Somerset explained.
“Recovery experts have identified that communities who have a leadership program in place are more likely to recover quickly from disaster events and to have a stronger economic base.
“To build upon this, we developed a leadership program designed to assist anyone involved in their local community, their industry or the region to improve their effectiveness in their current roles and to potentially take on a leadership role if they are not doing this already.
Heather Ellis, President of Vision 21, the alumni of the Queensland Government’s Building Rural Leaders Program, is a former primary producer in the South Burnett and was keen to give back to the region that she believes has great potential.
“The Building Rural Leaders Program gave our members the skills and confidence to make big improvements in our lives,” Ms Ellis explained.
“It is our passion to make similar opportunities available to people in regional Queensland, starting with the South Burnett. This proposed program is based upon the values of BRL, keeping key elements that made it so powerful.
“People will learn how to be effective in a practical way while building working relationships that can lead to building a stronger region for us all over the long term.”
Ms Ellis explained that this program is about helping people to gain increased skills and confidence, increase their awareness of the region and its resources, and to provide participants with an effective network and access to community leaders.
Ms Ellis was extremely pleased with the results of the first community leaders program.  The program was developed by local leaders and was delivered in the Bunya Mountains.
Research shows the benefit of providing a residential environment and enabling people to focus on the program, the other participants and their own skills development.
The facilitators ensured that this program had representation from a wide cross section of our diverse region.